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Monday, April 23, 2018
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11:00 USD/JPY
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11:45 EUR/USD
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13:00 USD/RUB
23:01 GBP/USD
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12:30 USD/JPY
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What is the impact on USD/JPY ?
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AngleRMS avatar AngleRMS 7 minutes ago
sharpsense avatar sharpsense 19 minutes ago
It is flash manufacturing release, I expect too slightly drop like most us Indicators. lately, but it should sustain in 54 area. But the Overall strenghening of the Greenback should further slow manufacturing despite better and supportive Policies of the Adminstration.
chytry_dziad avatar chytry_dziad 24 minutes ago
The PMI Composite shows state of Manufacturing and Services and it is published by Markit Economics. Report is based on a large number of business executives in private sector manufacturing and services companies. Last top was seen in February 2018 when it printed 55.9. In April preliminar result market expects better outcome vs. last print of 54.2. In my opinion actual numbers might be worse then expected and the initial reaction of USD/JPY shall be bearish.
habiemile avatar habiemile 34 minutes ago
AAAnya avatar AAAnya 47 minutes ago
This is a medium impact event with following previous results for this: 54.2, 54.2, 55.9.
Forecast for this event is 55.3.
Expect bullish impact for USD/JPY.
Tova avatar Tova 51 minutes ago
vadim27 avatar vadim27 56 minutes ago
salamandra avatar salamandra 59 minutes ago
Markit PMI Composite (США): после скачкового роста в феврале и понижения в марте прогнозируется приблизительно середина этого интервала 55.3%. Это рост в сравнении с мартом 54.2%. Не уверен в 55.3%, но возможность выше 54.2% может доллар поддержать.
Markit Services PMI здесь у меня нет замечаний и отработка в прогнозе выше чем мартовское 54 принимается. Момент технический и здесь сыграет свою роль. Сейчас многие долларовые пары выполнили в некотором приближении первую часть импульсного похода и корректировочные намерения могут скомкать фундаментальную новость. По фундаментальному бычий.
Bekirovski avatar Bekirovski 67 minutes ago
NoWay avatar NoWay 79 minutes ago
Based on Markit Economics, PMI's monthly consolidated are based on a large number of executives in manufacturing and service companies. Data is usually released on the third business day of each month. Each response is evaluated according to the size of the company and its contribution to the total industrial production or services represented by the sub-sector to which that company belongs. The responses of larger companies have a greater impact on index indices than those of small businesses.