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What is the impact on USD/JPY ?
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AAAnya avatar AAAnya yesterday at 23:28 GMT
Previous value for Japanese LEI was 106.3 and forecast is 106.3. So everybody wait that this index will be stable. Preliminarily release show some improvement for this index. I think this readings will be slightly better than forecast. This is minor impact event, so no volatility expected, and in the end I think will be bearish impact for USD/JPY.
drferre avatar drferre yesterday at 23:05 GMT
Looking at the Japanese economy as a whole we have good economic indicators being presented in the first half of this year and so I believe we will be at 106.5 and above the forecast. Bears want stronger yen.
Chaudhry77 avatar Chaudhry77 yesterday at 22:51 GMT
Japanese Leading Economic index .This report will be released by Japanese Cabinet Office.The Leading Indicators Index is a composite index based on 12 economic indicators that is designed to predict the future direction of the economy.Previous data was 106.3% and expected data will remain same .USD/JPY will go downside because USD is running weaker for the last 12 hours.
Yesa avatar Yesa yesterday at 22:16 GMT
SikmaN avatar SikmaN yesterday at 22:07 GMT
USD/JPY. The number of new jobs excluding agriculture in July increased by 209K, which was better than the forecast of 183K, the average hourly wage in annual terms increased by 2.5% with expectations of 2.4%, and the unemployment rate was 4.3%. I expect the growth of the currency pair on the release of this news.
Eco avatar Eco yesterday at 22:05 GMT
Vlad73 avatar Vlad73 yesterday at 21:56 GMT
mermaid avatar mermaid yesterday at 21:37 GMT
Natalia_Kisenko avatar Natalia_Kisenko yesterday at 21:19 GMT
Leading Economic Index, Japan (Aug)
Индекс опережающих индикаторов состоит из 12 макроэкономических показателей, которые измеряют экономическое благополучие в Японии. . Предварительные данные уже были опубликованы 7 августа, которые показали рост с 104,6 до 106,3. Думаю, что финальные данные окажутся такими же, поэтому сильно не повлияют на USDJPY Отдаю голос за рост из-за перепроданности пары.
pyv avatar pyv yesterday at 21:09 GMT